Industrial Painting

Owners of industrial plants, factories, and warehouses in the Cornwall area have long trusted the enduring industrial painting solutions offered by Arpac Painting. Our talented painting professionals can paint virtually any industrial interior or exterior area or surface:

Metal deck ceilings

Our fully guaranteed, complete, and long-lasting coverage will protect your metal deck ceiling from the damaging effects of industrial processes and the Southern Ontario climate while making it look brand new.

Machinery & equipment

Over time, harsh industrial processes cause the paint on industrial machinery and equipment to fade, chip, and peel, rusting and corroding machine parts and surfaces. Our painting crew will help you protect and revive your industrial machinery and equipment. Our local industrial painting specialists will make your industrial machinery and equipment look and function like new again. Our years of industrial painting experience will help to professionally revitalize your worn machinery and equipment!

Storage tanks & silos

Extremes of the Eastern Ontario climate bring sun, heat, cold, snow, and rain that exacerbate the normal wear and tear brought on by exposure to industrial processes, causing paint on industrial storage tanks and silos to break down over time. Our company specializes in painting both the exterior and interior of industrial storage tanks and silos. Our painting crew can help to protect your valuable investments by painting them in part or in full. Our expert industrial painting team will prepare your industrial storage tanks and silos for painting by sandblasting or high-pressure washing them under securely contained conditions. Our painting professionals also restore storage tank and silo interior linings made from such materials as epoxy, fiberglass, matted fiberglass, flake glass, polyurethane, and polyuria.

Floor lines & markings

Floor lines and markings from our painting Cornwall experts will promote the safety, efficiency, and functionality of your industrial facility. Our painting technicians expertly apply industrial floor lines and markings and handle all aspects of an industrial painting project from advanced planning through to application and completion. Our precise floor lines and markings can be applied to any style or size of industrial surface. Our painters fully guarantee an exceptional final product!

Warehouse painting

Interior and exterior industrial warehouse painting by the painting contractors at Arpac Painting will contribute to the safe storage and extend the future use of your valuable industrial goods. Protect your warehouse from outside elements like rain, snow, and sunlight, and ensure your employees are working in a healthy environment. Contact our industrial painting professionals to learn about our full or partial warehouse painting services.

Our painting Cornwall professionals use only high-grade, locally sourced coatings which are available in a variety of colours as well as matte, gloss, and semi-gloss finishes. Odourless, environmentally friendly, low VOC quality industrial paints can be seamlessly integrated by our painting professionals into your existing industrial environment while protecting and enhancing your industrial surfaces for many years to come. Equipped to handle any industrial painting job, our painting Cornwall technicians use brush, roller, and high-volume spray techniques to coat any industrial surface, including brick, metal, aluminum, concrete, steel, fiber-cement, and more. Our industrial painting team is trained to safely operate high-rigging equipment, scaffolding, hoists, aerial lift platforms, ladders, and swing stages, and can easily access difficult-to-reach or high-level areas. With painting services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our professional team will complete exterior and / or interior industrial painting jobs on schedule and within budget to successfully meet any industrial painting challenge, guaranteed.

Let our skilled painting crew handle your industrial facility responsibilities with their helpful industrial painting services! Our painters value your business and the importance of the day-to-day operations of your industrial company. Contact our painting representatives for details about our industrial painting capabilities and our other services that include commercial painting, and house painting. Feel free to also inquire about our sandblasting services and epoxy floor coatings. Take a look at samples of the industrial painting projects we have completed in our gallery of photos. Obtain a free on-site estimate today. Learn more about our painters and how they have helped other industrial companies in Cornwall, Ottawa, Kingston, Belleville, Quinte West, Brockville, Prince Edward, Petawawa, Napanee, Pembroke, Hawkesbury, and other nearby areas in Southern Ontario.

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